About US

➤Lucky group was established in the year 1947 and it is currently a conglomerate having stakes in garment manufacturing, fashion retailing, real estates, finance, general insurance, shipping and agriculture.
➤The company ventured into garment manufacturing since 1983 with its first unit named the ‘The Lucky Apparel Private Ltd’ which was located in downtown Chittagong. Later having success in the industry the group expanded its garment business with more units named ‘The Saint Garments Ltd’, ‘Eian Apparel’ and ‘The Stage ii Ltd.’
➤Kattali Textile Ltd. (KTL) is the latest addition to the manufacturing wing of the company, built on its own land located in the north of Chittagong and within close proximity to the Chittagong Sea port. Since its incorporation in 2002, KTL has served all the major retailers in the US and European Market such as Walmart, Target, Mango, KHQ, PVH, Costco, Sam’s Club etc.
➤With over 30+ years of experience and exposure to the garment manufacturing industry, the group is continuously engaging in transforming and advancing apparel manufacturing through technological advancement to bring about significant breakthrough in the ever challenging garment manufacturing industry.
➤Our teams of professionals are dedicated to excellence in merchandising, on time production and maintaining a safe workplace for its employees.

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